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Digital Strategy is the organisation of the online components of your business such as website design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). There is digital strategy for your business if you have a website and use email. You may have thought about Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing of your website.

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Our most common digital strategy co-developed with our clients involves an online marketing campaigns and better use of a website. Better usually involves lowering costs and getting more from the website.

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Another common strategy is the rebuild of an existing web design using a CMS. Use of CMS allows the website content to be portable anywhere. You can edit the website yourself if you like and see the results immediately. The result is an affordable CMS website design solution ideal for small businesses.

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An online strategy can include the use of website analytics to provide detailed statistical information about a websites visitors and the keywords they are using to search for your product or service. How do people find out about you when using search engines such as Google ? The end result of a digital strategy is a clear picture. You may wish to focus on providing a better service. Or your current focus may be to find an untapped market. This is digital strategy. Strategic thinking about the online components of a small business.

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Help your business grow with a free consultation and quote for website design, search engine optimisation, web hosting or search engine marketing at our Web Design page.

Visit Online Marketing and discover how to achieve visibility on the internet and raise awareness of your products or services within your selected market. Conduct keyword research and learn what people are searching to find your business online.

When you are ready to develop a Digital Strategy, conduct keyword research, begin a search engine marketing campaign or explore a website design please Contact Us for a free consultation and quote.

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Digital Strategy

  • Integrate website design, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing and develop a Digital Strategy

    Reduce expenses with a CMS website design solution, request a keyword report on the most frequent searches for your product or service, reach your audience more effectively with a targeted search engine marketing campaign or a research competitors website data.