The internet is now the most popular marketing medium, leading the way from television, radio and print.

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Indelible Ink considers itself a Web Genius for small business. Small business owners have increased revenue by learning a few things about how to reduce costs online. One of the most popular ways is the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) for the overall design of the website. The CMS platform is open source and reduces costs as overly expensive proprietary software isn’t required. Software that will often lock away content. CMS allows you to edit the content directly and in real-time.

Through Online Marketing new clients will come to you much easier and with no effort. SEO of your website helps people find you online because your website is more likely to appear in the top search results.

Indelible Ink offers SEO services as an extremely cost effective and targeted online marketing campaign to get you to the top of Google.


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For example, a search engine marketing campaign managed by Indelible Ink, you may find that people visit your website more often on a Friday. And who can blame them ? It’s Friday ! But with this detailed knowledge you can now begin to target these visitors and seo the site. Our managed search engine marketing campaigns integrate Google Analytics keyword data from your website visitors to obtain valuable data to help with seo.

This is one example of a how a managed search engine marketing campaign and seo can identify visitor behaviour and keyword trends to deliver a targeted seo campaign directly to an audience already searching for you.

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You may decide to begin to undertake a targeted Search Engine Marketing Campaign targeting the recently identified Friday visitors. By managing the timing of your new advertisements to Friday – based on the analysis of your website visitors and keyword data through Google Analytics – your targeted search engine marketing campaign will hit it’s target directly.

Indelible Ink helps small business with web design but not television marketing campaigns SEO Perth SEO Perth

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Search Engine Marketing services such as Google Adwords offer a ‘Pay-Per-Click’ (PPC) marketing model. PPC marketing differs from seo and offers ‘non-organic’ search results.

Instead of your website appearing naturally in a search result an advertisement will appear. You will usually see these on the Google results page either at the top of the search results or in a vertical column on the right hand side of the results.

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Social media platforms such as Google+ and Twitter are fast growing and effective online marketing tools. Providing more than just a way to directly connect to your audience social media marketing is seo for your website for search engines and elevates ranking in organic search results.

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  • Ask Indelible Ink how Search Engine Marketing can allow you to target your online audience effectively and generate a higher return on your advertising and marketing investment.

    Through detailed website analytics, competitor analysis and keyword reports compiled from up-to-date web traffic data you can be sure that your web marketing campaign is directly targeted to your desired audience.