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We are based in Perth, Western Australia.

And are a local website designer with seo and online marketing skills focusing on the Perth and regional area. Providing simplified service most of the time…

Armed with the ideal to empower small business people. We like working with new and independent small business owners navigating the online world. There were sharks out there and I didn’t want to lose anybody when the knowledge was at hand. The small business owners did not have the time, energy or focus to navigate when their own time and energy was best invested in running a business.

There was helping family and friends navigate online for business and even fixed a few computers. Nobody told me but I operated the obligatory 24 hour open helpline for friends and family.

And they grew…

They grew beyond mere computer users and into successful small business people that were keenly aware of the technology around them and how they could use it to get the business off the ground. Whether it was reducing expenses or finding new clients they were EMPOWERED.

Belief that empowerment of the individual empowers those around them we can allow people to realise TRUE GROWTH and I can finally close the 24 hour friends and family helpline.

May 2011

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