Merging Media through Website Analytics

3 October 2012


Traditional print media journalEditor and Publisher has recently published an article on their website titled How Web Analytics Are Shaping Advertising Dollars And The Newsroom.

The article’s focus on Community Newspapers and web analytics highlights a growing awareness among traditional media that the internet appears unlikely to replace print media such as newspapers and community newspapers in particular.

Reference to a survey conducted in 2011 by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute suggests that 9 out of 10 daily community newspapers receive daily web analytics reports on traffic and website data. Another reference indicated that 41% of the over 500 daily community newspaper editors interviewed received web analytics every day.

What the Donald W Reynolds Journalism Institute survey and the Editor & Publisher article show is that localised print media can and will merge with online media over time.

Through web analytics community newspapers are finding the articles which drive most traffic and identifying trends that can help define and develop a target audience and news stories which can predictably increase traffic to a website.

Other reports are discovering that an media consumers are relying on online media for developing news stories and up-to-minute updates. The same media consumers will still read traditional print media for more slow news items such as feature articles and local stories.

The article highlights one example of how a traditional offline business is integrating with the online world through analysis of website traffic and web page data and then using the identified trends to compliment their service to media hungry consumers.

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